TERRA-PE launching 2019        

 Time for personal success!


Modern Approach

Current circumstances ask for solutions that are long-lasting in order to guide you through the difficult pathway to daily life rejoice.   TERRA-P​E  Your personal engagement with what holds you back.

  AIM: Pre-depression , Mild to Moderate common Depression




             Projective Sequencing  Assemblage                                       

Not everyone is depressed for the same reasons; that's why you will remain unique within the group. Your desire for improving your Upper Health is as personalised like the selection algorithm process itself. If you are looking for a fast, advanced solution in regards to your UPPER Health, TERRA-PE is the most exigent.  A total of one hour personal engagement.    3 modules


 *Electrostatic Actions     *Discovery



Personal Engagement Language Options:     English-French-Spanish 


As well as acting as a neuro-stimilus tool, TERRA-PE as a long lasting service provides better understanding about mental health and showcase its pathway plus, helps to improve with the following: stress reduction, self-confidence, transitional change.


This is an in-house (in our  premises) prepaid service booked individually and in advance. Payment is made via bank deposit or transfer only.

£150.00 launching price per person.

Aged: Over 17

Dress Code: Well dressed and comfortable


For Enquiries Only terraq@awakendifficulty


 Bookings Only.            terrape@awakendifficulty


Corporate Bookings/enquiries

terraco@awakendifficulty .co.uk

   TERRA-PE  ___01276 539 400                                         www.awakendifficulty.org  theteam@awakendifficulty.co.uk

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