"SONTHRAESIE the knowledge of impossible"

what is SONTHRAESIE?                      


Sonthraesie is the combined study, Research and, Mapping dedicated in its entirety to Bleue Health; and its effects on the human aging process. Led by senior researcher and senior Sonthraesist SiR. Christian E. Essoh and the collaborative team made up of experts across the different fields.



Bleue Health commonly known as Mental Health is always associated with only one form of suffering. A descriptive approach around sadness, the feels of being down, the cloud over the head; all related to the neuro-activity. 


Sonthraesie determines that, just as your body loses its ability over the years, so does your bleue health mechanism cycle.  

  It clarifies why, when, how.



 The Sonthraesie method takes into account all factors of influence to determinate possible cause-reactors.  We proceed to identify factors that are exercising the highest of influence over you. To, as a final action, go onto pinpoint the stressor.


The sum of Inferations (factors) used to assess, determine and evaluate someone's common depression from the LINE-A, is described as Sonthraesie Enactivity.



   " The assumption that your depression is a weight that you should carry around and throw wherever possible clearly is contrary to the fact that; mild to moderate depression wasn't understood until we uncovered that it is a natural occurrence. "









The other fact is, Bleue Health commonly known as Mental Health is not all bad as it seems. 

Natural depression; is a series of body, mind, brain rhythmic structure interactions systems in two stages; the E-predepression and the E-depression linked with varied emotional spikes.

Clinical depression; occurs as a consequence of being dependent on anti-depressants or as the result of an immune reaction.


"The position people adapt in regards to their Bleue Health is most of the time, not fact. Actually, your strongest pillow is in fact not the one you believe it to be"



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