In today’s fast-paced life, it is quite a challenge to keep work and home running parallel to each other. Under the pressure to report for work on time, and to meet work deadlines, working people often forget to switch off from both; which could pose a great threat to their mental health and, would lead to wastage of valuable resources like focus, self-reflection, light bulb moments, etc. Much of the awareness these days is focused on controlling only the brain; though useful, its use is limited. TERRA-PE is so confident its services will make you better, will give you that satisfaction you are after that, we are offering a money-back guarantee after 30 days of the first session


What do we provide? 

We are the go-to service for Companies that are looking to set up healthier mental health at work plan.


We are for Individuals, a taking-action service to removing or reducing stressors (something that emerges to cause you strain). That includes; understanding what is it that built up to go on to switch your entire body onto depression mode (when such is not a medical condition); how does that come about and, why does that happen.


TERRA-PE translates to; personal engagement with a stressor.





  • Fill out our assessment form from the comfort of your home.

  • Then after, call in to be booked in or, for the call-out service. 

  • Initial fee £45.00

  •  Support session with our Sonthraesist  £25.00 @30mins



             Through TERRA-PE

The point of entry to accessing "Enactivities". Terra-pe consists of interactive one-hour knowhow about why, when and how depression overpowered your entire functioning from time to time. It is one of a kind; currently only available in the UK.

  • £300 Per Person. Payment in full is required before accessing this service. (waiting period 6 to 12 weeks)



The way your brain and mind together combined with mild depression transforms into an incredible source of a detail recording device; creating an independent working mechanism, could be grabbed to gain access to a greater body, mind, and brain operating system.

This is an incredibly interesting and ineffable experience.


* required:

  1. O.E Leveller Ground Matt 
  2. Xisentu comfortable clothing
  3.                                               One printed Identifiable                                                   
  4.                     "all items can be purchased from our store soon"             







   TERRA-PE  ___01276 539 400                               

Office hours

Mon, Tue, Thu-Sat :

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Wed :

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-call-out service is there whenever you need us-

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