TERRA-PE's initiative to raise funds for all-ages people who seek to achieve good mental health.


iWiN is our independent prevention plan to assist anyone in need to achieve a healthier bleue health.                                            WiNWEDNESDAY platform is there for generous individuals, private & public companies to participate on Wednesday only; funding this campaign in helping anyone in need of assistance; regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious and or political beliefs.

IIt's easy to formulate a kind action; you can pop in to meet us before proceeding or, you can make a transfer in no time using the reference iWIN to the following:                                                   Account No: 20022213 - 

Sort code: 161926 

Bank name: RBS


Bleue health commonly known as mental health is profoundly important; not only because of its own value for living, but also because it is a critical determinant for physical health.                                                                      Mental ill-health represents the largest single disease burden in the UK with a significant human and social cost estimated at £105 billion in England alone.


90% of the populations who seek to sustain a healthier bleue/mental health, can't afford the costs; with no insurance cover currently in place, we were in the look out for a winning combination that is to blend not-for-profit and motivation. Out of our willingness as an independent healt service provider to incorporate courtesy and morals in our day-to-day actions                   NEURO-LIT was born.



A face-to-face 45 mins help free of charge per person per month.


Apply emailing or calling us.

We work on a first apply, first served basis. 


Updates are listed here every week; visit more often to find out more!


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