BLEUE HEALTH - Eco-Mindset since AD

Face The Winter - 

A 26 mins body, brain, and mind exercise to help balance your emotional state  for the child- to grant a knowledge based first hand over unforeseen situations.

the young -  to gain insight between onsight options and onsight choice.


the adult - to understand the train of reactions from home to work and, from work to home.



Tailor Made -

Dive into our newly developed service and be part of an exclusive experience.


Find the perfect balance between YOU, YOU WORK, YOU FRIENDS and YOU HOME.

 All Ages service -

In the last 8 years we have been on a journey to refine what bleue health should look like; A struggle of the past.

Get in touch to redefine your BLEUE HEALTH


Wednesday to Friday - 6pm to 8pm                   (young and adult only)


   Saturday & Sunday - 12noon to 6pm                           (all ages)                                 FIND OUT MORE CALL  01276 539 400  MON-FRI 10am - 5pm


New mums only sessions also available!

online store (coming soon)!

Winter is coming and With it your New gained Energy !

Your shiny BLEUE HEALTH WORKOUT exercise is out and available 6 days a week.


Who says workouts have to be messy?


You can now visit us and, grab the perfect workout for your zest.


This month -Adults £ 20 only

                           Young £ 15

                             Child £ 10


              0748 314 7764   available 6 days a week 

    TERRA-PE  ___01276 539 400  

Office hours

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri :

08:10  - 16:30 

Wed :

08:00  - 15:00 

-call-out service available- SAT & SUN by Appointment only

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