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Mental Health Mapping & Analytics


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How does everything we physically experience comes about?

"A fascinating question I was longing to uncover"



The move beyond psychometrics; the framework that assesses personality (ie: Emotional status, Drive, Intelligence, Authority, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness) in the context of organizational culture fit.


 TERRA-PE; beyond Mental health?

" Let's pretend you find yourself in a strange location with no recollection When nor How, you ended up there; and most importantly, Why you find yourself in this state"

From the expertise in geolocation, biometric authentication, data and Ai, we, with a 98% accuracy, will provide the right info to get you home"


How come Bleue Mental health?

Bleue MH is derivative from a common systematic Proprietary basic; that is, the seeded inability to decoding the all- in-onedata  that construct the Volume (everything around you).  


To better understand mental health, we focus on detailing the Speed Proprietary Volume; (the mechanism that transforms the data of our environment into physical imaging). 











Our focus into how physical imaging is constructed, is for us the point of start to a greater understanding about common mental problems.


Its Aptruse mechanism is seeded to three specific characteristics: 1-A fragment Recording system  2-Geobio & physio location tracking system  3-Density speed tracking system. 


    " Imagine being able to trace when anger or sadness will kick in" 


My expertise in non-clinical Mental Health Science makes us the current leader in the field.

TERRA-PE; independent  Burnout specialist; mental health advice, consultancy and support service.


Struggling with common depression should be a difficulty in the past. 

Try and Learn from an advanced method that works on your behalf.


I am looking forward to detailing to you, the interesting bit and, the incredible fun side of your healthier health.



  1:3 Method


How advance are we?

There is none out there who goes to extraordinary lengths for harnessing solutions like us.

Our ability supplements the enigma.


What comes first?

the chicken or the egg? 


My Research programme set the framework to devise effective applications that enable populations to achieve and sustain good mental health. 


TERRA-PE is for healthier parity health

 In today’s fast-paced daily life, it is quite a challenge to keep work and home running parallel to each other. Under the pressure to report for work on time, and to meet work deadlines, working people often forget to switch off from both; which could pose a great threat to their mental health and, would lead to wastage of valuable resources such as  focus, self-reflection, light bulb moments... 
 TERRA-PE is so confident its service will make you better that, we are offering a money-back guarantee after 30 days of the first session.
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