Why TERRA-PE is important?  

We have known about mental ill- healths and depression for years now. We know mental health is profoundly important; not only because of its own value for living, but also because it is a critical determinant for physical health. But, what was not understood and really not appreciated, is what mental ill-health is harnessing in both physical and psychical economics. So, what's become apparent, is that these ill-healths are very, very important for our physio, bio and geno-functionning on a day-to- day basis. But also it signals how we actually know that we are under strain.


So, how do you know you are suffering from depression?

If we understand what is happening throughout the whole cycle of your persona growth lifespan, we can actually elaborate and propose a long term prevention and solutions plan. This is where moving forward, some of the exciting developments of TERRA-PE is coming to the forefront; as we understand that working beyond only mental ill-health, is important for parity health.



 Your Health 24/7

"What is the focus of our research?

We are interested in how all the data of your environment constructs into physical, and how this translates from psychical to physical economics.

We already understand that all the above elements are almost like propulsions controls; all the way up to the quartenary storage system of these. And, in states of switched on(s), the propulsions get turned progressivelly and, sometimes continuouslly right up. Until they become repetitive, painful and later on unbearable; thereforth turn problematic for people experiencing it on the day-to-day basis. But, interestingly,these same propulsions can amplify and switch on signals to things that we should avoid.

So, our research is looking at how the Aptruse mechanism( all that construct), correlates to reactive-guilt, non-linear determinism, and ultimately to -"the Matter of "Feel".


Where are we so far?

Insofar, our research has demonstrated that Depression is not just about the  widely advertised signalings.

Next, that the expressions of these widely advertised mood expressions are not confirmation of being depressed. And also, that there are variant intensities to the switch-on-and-off to depression; if any.

Furthermore, emotions and subsequent propulsions pulsate on a different vehemence.

So, what we have been able to do, is to improve on the method and target approach; designing responses that tell to the propulsions    "hey its ok; you do not need to overespond"

What that does for people in these circumstances,is to unable them to manage their difficulties without significant withdrawal.

That in turn means they are now able to enjoy otherwise healthier mental health without the fear of it anymore.

How we Investigate?

We use a variety of models; through small challenges, we start asking questions of how you feel.

We observe how  informations are processed such as -how people respond under specific conditions, -and how they become guilt-reactive after being challenged.



                          RESEARCH - IMPROVE - DESIGN                                     


Mental Health Mapping & Analytics


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What is the benefit of TERRA-PE?

So many clinical and non-clinical mental health providers out there today target and are only developed around psychical economics. So, we have devised applications that unable anyone over 16 years old to maintain a healthier Proprietary health.












Its Aptruse mechanism is seeded to three specific characteristics

 1-A fragment Recording system 

2-Geobio & physio location tracking system 

3-Density speed tracking system. 




D-Elate -combination from self-reflection to detaching from reactive-guilt. web sessions Day-to-day exercises to conduit thoughts-to-feelings control.

  • Group of 10(max) every daily hour from 10-6pm, 5 days in the week invite, with family or dearest friends. A purely proprietary form of physical determinism which can be switch on at work and in a home. 
  1. Monthly subscription                      £50 x 20 sesssions monthly
  2. On-the-go pay and access                    £7.00 x 10people max per session

"In the now "World-Citizen" (Global Pandemic) environment, the challenge comes through an individual sense of identity, which moving forward, corresponds to a rational personality"







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