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Launching TERRA-PE  2019!



 Sonthraesie investigates how emotions, visual imaging and neurological assessment E.V.A   balance  interacts with the mind and mental health.



We engage in the algorithm design of an individual's UP UPPER Health, tracking what element(s) affects her/him the most, applying a management system, setting-up a helping mechanism and a personalized data tracking system.


Not everyone is depressed for the same reasons.

TERRA-PE is for anyone exigent about mental health the most innovative solution for those whose fast pace of live require  effective and rapid solution.

Widely available scientific evidence demonstrates for the first time that depression is not only a disorder of the mind or the brain but in fact a disorder of the whole body. 

 The modern approach to mental health is called UPPER Health (UP) A personalized approach to finding what works for you.

Here at Awakendifficulty, we lead the way.
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